The last week, we gave you tips about how to seduce a woman, and we hope that you have found them useful. Today, we want to tell you everything you need to know about a sensitive massage. Once you have all the information, do not hesitate and come to Eden Massages Tenerife to get a good massage in Tenerife, because you deserve it!

We have already told you the main advantages of a full body massage and other types of massages and how much do they cost. Now it is time to discover this kind of private and exotic massage for women and for men. Feel how our experts reduce your levels of stress by a sensual body or back rub. Let’s see what and how are sensitive massages!

How are sensitive massages in Eden Tenerife?

We invite you to live a full relaxing experience at Eden Massages Tenerife. Let’s forget all the stress, the bad feelings and emotions of our minds and the tiredness and pain in our bodies with our best sensitive massage.

The massages are probably the oldest therapeutic tool used by humans to communicate and provide natural resources to control the pain. Late, it became the technique that we all know nowadays by “structured touch”. Among all the possible variants, you can find the sensitive erotic massages.

Our sensitive massages in Tenerife are primarily focused on those people who do not really suffer a specific injury or disease. The aim of a sensual massage is to alleviate all the psychophysical consequences — both physical and emotional — produced by the stress. This is something that we will talk about a lot today.


We perform our sensitive massage using soft and harmonic movements applied with hands and forearms. These movements cover big areas of muscle — this way, we avoid rough changes in rhythm and the loss of contact, because we want to provide through touching the feeling of integration of body and mind. It means security and acceptance, favoring the release of mental, physical and emotional tension.

In this type of massages, the energy in the environment is the key. The energy is very important due to it encourages relaxation — moreover, it is very useful to strengthen the attitude of both the client and the therapist.  As the masseur or masseuse connects with the client transmitting warmth, relaxation reaches the highest level of transcendence that makes this massage one of the most outstanding relaxing and exotic massages in Tenerife.



Benefits of a good sensitive massage in Eden Massages Tenerife

Our sensitive erotic massages in Tenerife are always treated with a great care on every detail. We take in account details such as having proper light, suitable music and provide the aromas that will help to achieve the perfect degree of relaxation.

Furthermore, our variety of massages in Tenerife provide you a great number of benefits, like the improvement of muscle tension, the relieve of mental and physical fatigue, the increase of self-esteem, the renewal of energy or how it helps to reduce the levels of stress.

  • The improvement of muscle tension
  • The relieve of mental and physical fatigue
  • The increase of self-esteem
  • The renewal of energy
  • Helps to reduce the levels of stress.

Can sensitive massages actually reduce or eliminate stress?

Asian massage, shiatsu, hot stone, aromatherapy, sensitive massages, deep tissue… these are just some, but the list of massage types goes on and on! This is due to their different benefits are also infinite. Several studies affirm that a massage therapy can be beneficial not only in reducing physical pain, but also for improving mood and fighting stress.

Sensitive massages take away the pain

As we have mentioned before, a massage therapy is basically any treatment where a therapist manipulates the muscles and soft tissues of your body in order to relieve pain or decrease stress. But not all the massages are created the same way — massage strategies range from deep tissue massage to reflexology, a technique where the therapist applies pressure to a specific point on the body to relieve the pain.

The list of diseases that can be treated with a massage is just as long as the list of massage types. A relatively recent study proves that a massage therapy can reduce the pain, promote the muscle relaxation, and improve both mood and sleep quality.

Other study discovered that after subjects were massaged, the levels of cortisol in their bodies decreasedcortisol is a hormone that contributes to stress levels. Another study also found the pleasurable qualities of massage therapy, and how they can lead to recipients reporting a better body image, especially for women.

Benefits of Sensitive Massage Therapy for Stress

Taking care of our bodies should be at the top of our priorities, but sometimes we forget about it. You have to know that you will be, feel and look healthier by adding a therapeutic massage to your routine. In fact, the stress relief can improve your vitality and your state of mind. They are all advantages!

If you want to add a sensitive massage to your routine in order to relieve stress, Eden Massages Tenerife is your best ally to fight all the daily pressures and anxiety. What’s more, now that you know that a massage therapy is good to stress relief, remember that it can also reduce the pain, increasing your energy levels and improving overall physical and mental performance. Our experienced and professional masseurs and masseuses will suit all your individual needs.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, but we assure you that you will enjoy even more if you come to Eden Massages Tenerife to receive a sensitive massage. We invite you to try it if it is your first time and to repeat it if you have already try it. Whatever is your situation, if you have any doubt you can contact us anytime — we will be pleased to help you!