How much does a full body massage cost? We understand why you are asking yourself this question.

Maybe you need to disconnect desperately from reality after a long day at work, or maybe you are looking for a new erotic experience through the world of massages.

We guess you want to make the right choice and spend your money on the best full body massage.

So, the first thing you should do is to know what a full body massage is. Then you decide if it’s worth it or not.

Read our post to find out everything about a full body massage: what is and how much does it costs.

What is a full body massage

A full body massage is when your entire body is worked on by a professional masseur. The masseur will massage your body from the top of your head down to your toes.

A good professional will focus on all areas of your body so you will have the most relaxing moment while receiving the best therapeutic massage you can imagine.

Benefits of a full body massage

This type of massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments.

A full body massage offers you multiple benefits, both physically and psychologically.

Check out the benefits of a full body massage:

🔶 Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

🔶 Pain and stiffness relief

🔶 Increased circulation

🔶 Immune system function

🔶 Skin benefits

What does a full body massage include?

In the first part of the massage session, you lay facing down while the masseur uses a special oil to start massaging your back and shoulders. Then, the masseur will gradually touch other parts of the body until he reaches your feet.

The second part of the session begins when you flip over to face the ceiling. The masseur will continue to massage from your toes to your legs, your chest, your neck and finally your head. When the massage is done, you will feel like you were born again.

The biggest advantage of a full body massage is that you can ask the masseur to focus on the troublesome areas, like a hurting back after sitting in your office chair all day.

When you discover the cost of a full body massage, you will understand that they offer a tailored experience.


The pleasure you feel during the massage is impossible to compare. It is as sensual as a body to body massage, but the sensations your body experiences make you lose your breath.

There is no doubt that this type of massage is one of the best massage services ever.

What to expect from a full body massage?

It may seem obvious, but you should expect a full body massage, neither more nor less. Time, light and high-standard professional services should be more relevant to you than the simple fact of how much a full body massage costs.

The prices of this type of massage vary depending on one site or another.

Keep in mind that you will be paying more than for a simple massage. There are more factors you should consider before choosing this service.

Atmosphere. The center or person that provides this massage should pay attention to details. To the small details. You should find a soft light, relaxing and pleasant background music, good room temperature and pleasant smells.

Knowledge and experience. I’m sure you prefer a person who knows what they’re doing to one who doesn’t, don’t you think? Your body health is very important, so we recommend you to find out if you can trust the person who’s gonna give you the full body massage.

Time.  A full body massage should last from 45 to 90 minutes. It´s perfect, if you choose not a shorter service for this type of massage, because the masseur won’t have enough time to properly work on every part of your body.

But how much does a full body massage cost? The best time to think about the price is after our check-list. Of course, you can also add all the factors that matter to you in order to find the most satisfying massage session.

How much does a full body massage cost?


It definitely depends on your standards. If you’re not too picky, you can find a cheap full body massage almost everywhere. But you should ask yourself all these questions:

🔶 Do you think you can trust the masseur or massage center?

🔶 Is your body health at risk if you choose this type of massage?

🔶 Does the massage service fulfill your expectations?

🔶 Do you think they offer a fair price for this type of massage?

The decision is more complex than just considering how much a full body massage cost. The higher you set the standards the massage price will be higher. If you want the best body masseur, you will have to pay a fair price for it.

When it comes to a full body massages, spending some more money on a healthy, luxurious experience is the wisest choice. So how much does a full body massage cost? As you already know, the atmosphere and the masseur skills set different prices on the market.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our about how much does a full body massage cost.

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