Erotic Massage Man-Man

Ready for an unforgettable and unique experience?

All the massages we have on the menu are designed to be applied to both women and men.

Discover the best erotic massages for men by men. An experience you won’t want to miss!

Explode with pleasure with an erotic massage tailored to your needs: from man to man.

Look, we know that being gay is not always easy: maybe your environment accepts it, maybe not, or you just want to experience sex from a homosexual perspective.

We don’t judge you, on the contrary: we want to give you pleasure with the best man to man massages.

Relax with a massage adapted to your tastes, with sensuality and lust.

Forget about daily stress, relax and connect with sensual and exciting men who will make you reach climax.

But… What exactly does a man-to-man intimate massage look like?

Massages for gay men are based on the premise of achieving maximum pleasure thanks to the caresses, touches and sensual touches of one of our male masseurs -whom you can choose-.

What benefits do you get from a man-to-man intimate massage?


Disconnect from routine with a sensual massage


Enjoy your massage in the way you prefer: soft, wild, slow...


Discretion guaranteed: if nobody knows about your tastes, you are safe here.


Fan the flame and restore sexual desire


Relieve stress with gay erotic massage

Reconnect with your desires and discover the eroticism of a massage by a man.

Do you have any questions about man-to-man massages?

Can I choose my male masseur?

Of course. At Eden Massage Tenerife we have professional masseurs, and you can choose the male masseur you feel most comfortable with.

Does the erotic massage man to man have a happy ending?

Yes, our male massages have a happy ending if you wish. However, we always say that the most exciting thing is the whole erotic and sensual process, regardless of whether there is an orgasm at the end or not.

Do I have to book an appointment for a man-to-man massage?

Yes, as for all our erotic massages, it is preferable to schedule your time of pleasure, so that we can attend to you as you deserve. Also, our male masseurs are always in high demand, so it is worth planning your massage in advance.

Can massages be personalised from man to man?

Of course. In Eden Massage Tenerife we have a wide range of erotic massages, but we can make changes and adapt the massages to your tastes and needs.

Is it possible to do a four-handed man-to-man massage?

Of course: if you fancy a man-to-man massage with two male masseurs, we can also arrange that. It is sure to be a very pleasurable and exciting option.

Is it necessary to prepare for a man-to-man erotic massage?

You don’t need to bring any equipment, just the desire to enjoy yourself. For everything else, in our massage centre we have massage oils, essential oils, teas, coffees, towels, showers, cool drinks and everything else you might need. We recommend not to use perfumes or moisturizers before the massage.

Is sexual abstinence necessary before male-to-male massage?

It is not really necessary, but it is true that the massage process is usually much more enjoyable if there has been no orgasm or ejaculation in the last 24 hours.

Can I interact and touch the masseur in a gay massage?

In all massages you are allowed to interact with the masseur.

All the massages we have on the menu are designed to be applied to both women and men.

Discover the best erotic massages for men by men. An experience you won’t want to miss!

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