Prostatic Massage

Ready for an unforgettable and unique experience?

In this massage we’ve fused the California massage with the classic prostate massage:

The long and sensual movements of the California finished off by a direct and indirect prostate stimulation. The result is a masterful session of sensations, where the quality of contact through the gentleness and tenderness of the hands is highlighted.

Experience the most powerful orgasm and let yourself be carried away by the sensations of a prostate massage

We know: if you’re gay, you may already know about this type of prostate stimulation. Or maybe not.

But we’re sure that if you’re straight you’ll find it a bit… strange. Getting an orgasm by stimulating through the anus?

I’m not gay!

Listen to something: we are masters of pleasure, and we’ll tell you something:


If you’re a man, you have a prostate.

And if you have a prostate… you can have a prostate orgasm.

And if you have a prostate orgasm… well, try it and let us know.

You can try to have a prostate massage at home, or maybe better let yourself be carried away by the hands of the best masseuses in Tenerife.

But… What exactly is a prostate massage?

This is an erotic massage – although it can also be done therapeutically – that stimulates the prostate.

The prostate is a male gland that is vital for reproduction. It is connected to the urethra and bladder and is responsible for generating semen.

The point where the prostate is located is known as the P-spot, and many people equate it to the G-spot in women because of the pleasure and type of orgasm it causes when stimulated.

It is a very exciting massage but little known because of the prejudices that many men have about anal stimulation.

Stimulation of the prostate is extremely pleasurable because it is an area with many nerve endings. In addition, stimulating this area exercises the muscles used in orgasms, so that in the long run, both the orgasms from anal stimulation and the orgasms from anal stimulation will be more pleasurable.

Forget prejudices: let us touch your… prostate

Because if you manage to leave these prejudices behind and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure, you will want to repeat. Although we understand your concerns and your doubts, this is why we tell you exactly how a prostate massage is performed.


How is a prostate massage performed?

Prostate massage is done by stimulating the prostate manually or with erotic toys through the anus. The stimulation can be done with the fingers of the hands or with sex toys prepared to reach this erogenous zone.

It can also be stimulated externally, by massaging the perineum. Orgasm can be achieved even without stimulating the genital area.

To reach this very different climax, the prostate massage begins by rubbing the area very gently with the index finger, then massaging the sides of the prostate and… enjoy!

In Eden Tenerife we have created a unique prostate massage: we combine it with the Californian massage, which is based on very gentle movements and rubbing along the body, until you reach the prostate area.


The 5 steps of the prostate massage

The prostate massage that we do in Eden Tenerife -like all our erotic massages- is tailor-made for you, but here are some important steps to take into account.

1. Evacuate. It is always better to take this massage after having gone to the toilet to avoid any possible “leakage” 💩.
2. Clean and sanitise. In Eden we always comply with all hygiene and health measures, but it is worthwhile to keep the area clean to avoid bacteria typical of the anal area.
3. Lubricate. Attention, we will take care of this step. It is important to use a good lubricant to enjoy these prostate massages, so that everything is smooth and relaxed.
4. Open your mind. Although it would be worth coming with an open mind from home 😉. Whatever the case, we are always attentive to what you tell us. We want you to be comfortable, we’ll go at your pace and follow your instructions.
5. Enjoy yourself. Nothing else. Forget prejudices, close your eyes, and let yourself go, the prostate orgasm will absolutely blow your mind. It is an electric shock throughout your body.

What benefits do you get from prostate massage?


Disconnect from the world with a powerful orgasm


Strengthens muscles responsible for orgasms


Get orgasms that make your whole body tremble


Decreases the likelihood of prostate cancer


Reduces pain in case of urinary tract infections


Prevents disorders of the male genital area

Get incredible ecstasy with prostate massage

Do you have any questions about prostate massage?

Does prostate massage have a happy ending?

Yes, our prostate massages usually have a happy ending. But it’s not an orgasm like any other… If you opt for a prostate massage you will experience the deepest orgasm you’ve ever had. Some men describe it as an electric shock.

Is prostate massage a medical procedure?

Prostate massage has both aspects: it can be used as an erotic massage or as a therapy in cases of chronic prostatitis or other ailments. In our case, in Eden Tenerife we only perform prostate massages with the aim of giving you pleasure, although you will always get benefits for your sexual health.

Is prostate massage only for gays?

Prostate massage brings a very different pleasure to most massages that stimulate the genital area, but NOT. Prostate massages are for anyone who has a prostate, the pleasure does not understand sexual orientations. There are both gay men and heterosexual men who enjoy this type of pleasure.

Do I have to book an appointment for a prostate massage?

Yes, as for all our erotic massages, it is preferable to schedule your time of pleasure, so that we can attend you as you deserve, as well as prepare the space and the masseuse so that she can give you the best prostate massage and the best orgasm you have ever experienced.

Can prostate massages be personalised?

Of course. In the case of prostate massages it is very important that you communicate with the masseuse and let us know if you do not feel comfortable. We understand that this is a different massage, and that the stimulation of the anal area may be different at first. We will be happy to go at your pace and massage the area according to your preferences.

Are orgasms from prostate stimulation the same as normal orgasms?

No, most men describe the orgasm they get from prostate massage as an electric shock, something very profound and different from the orgasms they get from penile stimulation.

Can I interact and touch the masseuse in a prostate massage?

Of course, although we recommend that during the prostate massage you let yourself be carried away by the pleasurable sensations, which will surely be very different from what you have experienced so far.

Is sexual abstinence necessary before prostate massage?

It is not really necessary, but it is true that the prostate massage process is usually much more enjoyable if there has been no orgasm or ejaculation in the last 24 hours.

Do I need to prepare for a prostate massage?

There are a few preconditions to prostate massage: open your mind, clean the area and go to the bathroom to evacuate. From here, there is only one other thing necessary to achieve the mysterious prostate orgasm: let yourself go. In our massage centre we have massage oils, essential oils, teas, coffees, towels, showers, cool drinks and everything else you might need. We recommend not to use perfumes or moisturizers before the massage.

In this massage we’ve fused the California massage with the classic prostate massage:

The long and sensual movements of the California finished off by a direct and indirect prostate stimulation. The result is a masterful session of sensations, where the quality of contact through the gentleness and tenderness of the hands is highlighted.

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