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What is a hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage, or geothermal therapy, is a combination of traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones at different temperatures.

They are placed on the skin to facilitate the flow of vital energy and alleviate physical and emotional disorders.

A brief history of hot stone massage therapy

Hot stone massages are widely popular all over the world this is not something new since it is a centenary practice that has its origin in oriental medicine. According to the basic principles of this type of massage, the human body has seven channels through which vital energy circulates (the famous chakras), according to this philosophy each of them connects with different areas and systems of the body.

According to these disciplines, if you suffer from any disease or discomfort, it is because the energy does not circulate through the body properly. Therefore, this therapy allows the combination of therapeutic massages along with the use of hot and cold stones, placing them at the points where the “chakras” are located.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

And although this technique originated in the East is not limited to that area, it is also used by the natives of Australia and America.

Benefits of hot stones massages therapies

Now, following the approach of this type of treatment, the placement of hot stones in these areas can have some:


Like many other therapies, hot stone massages also produce noticeable improvements in the well-being of the body. But, in reality, its benefits go far beyond the feeling of well-being it generates, and among its many benefits are found:

✔ It balances the nervous system and improves blood circulation.
✔ It eliminates toxins from the body.
✔ It improves the functions of the organism, reduces chronic muscular and osseous pains.
✔ Helps relaxation through the proper flow of energy, harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, which can reduce stress
✔ It also has several visible aesthetic effects as it revitalizes, oxygenates and illuminates the skin. This is a consequence of improved blood circulation and elimination of toxins.
✔ Reaffirms the tissues
✔ The skin begins to look smoother and healthier.

Steps for a hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Now yes, these steps will help you know the best way to massage with hot stones, also called geothermal therapy.

  1. Set the mood

Before providing a hot stone massage, you must have your space in order, if it is a professional level treatment you need an appropriate stretcher. On the other hand, if you prefer to massage at home, a bed or the floor is enough.

You should place a clean towel or sheet on the stretcher so your client will feel much more comfortable and confident. To condition the environment much more, light candles with relaxing fragrances such as lavender, vanilla or eucalyptus. Another option is to place relaxing music.

TIP: I recommend you ask your client his favorite fragrance, remember that smell is very particular.

  1. Do you have the materials ready?

On the other hand, you will also need a kit of basalt stones (or obsidian), the normal thing is to have 20 or 30 stones that go from, but some professionals have 45 or 60, this kit must contain stones of different sizes (at least two of them must be 15 x 20 centimeters and 8 small the size of a ping-pong ball).

It is a massage with hot stones so the stones must be hot, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? To heat them, I recommend using a slow cooker or a high wall frying pan. The water must be at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius (120° F), for this, I recommend you use a thermometer, although the Aesthetic Equipment already comes with a thermostat.

After removing them the temperature will be reduced to 38° or 43° Celsius (100° or 110° F). After drying, grease them with oils so that the massages can be carried out in a pleasant way.

TIP: All this process is recommended to do it at least half an hour or 60 minutes before starting the massage.

  1. Talk to the client

Before starting the massage make sure the client feels comfortable, ask about the music, the fragrances and most importantly, the temperature of the stones. The last thing we want is a burned client. Remember that all skins are different, so some have more heat resistance than others.

TIP: To avoid burns, place a sheet over the client and put the stones on top of it.

  1. Before starting the massage

Before you begin, place a row of large stones on the spot where the client will support the spine (you can also make two rows of small stones to be placed around the spine), cover the stones with another sheet and ask the client to lie on them with their eyes up.

TIP: DO NOT remove the stones until the client must turn around.

  1. It’s the moment of the face

Once your client is completely comfortable, place four stones on the acupressure areas of the face; one small stone on the forehead, one on the chin (just under the lips) and two on each cheek.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

TIP: I recommend that you DO NOT rub these stones with oils, as this can close the pores of the skin.

  1. Place the rest of the stones

Place one or two stones on both sides of the collarbone (the amount will depend on the client’s build), two large stones on the sternum and two medium stones on each hand.

After this with the help of stone the size of the palm of your hand, gently massage the rest of the body.

  1. It’s time to turn

Once this part is finished, ask the client to turn around, it is a good time to remove the stones from the stretcher and change the sheets (this way you will keep the cleanliness above all). Once the client lies face down, place some stones on the scapulas, others at the top of the kneecaps and between the toes (wrap each foot with a towel to prevent them from falling).

Afterward, massage the rest of the body again with the help of stone the size of your hand.

TIP: Change stones frequently to prevent them from cooling (that’s why professionals have more than 50 obsidian stones).

Hot stone massages have the same effect as a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, with a big difference, and is that although the result is the same, geothermal therapy is much softer and warmer (of course).

Now that you know the right way to perform hot stone massages and all their benefits for the human body, dare to try this new experience and offer your customers an alternative rest that will take their bodies to relaxation limits yet unknown.

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