Today, our objective is helping those people who are still wondering how to seduce a woman. Maybe you don’t have lots of experience, or maybe you have been with your partner for a long time and you need to fan the flames of your love. Whatever is the reason of your question, take our advice and follow these useful tips. We assure you that they will work.

At Eden Massages Tenerife , our aim is to provide you the best information about those things that not everyone dares to talk about. But we think that sex is as natural as life. As seduction remains a mystery to many people, we analyze in more detail the behaviors and techniques for flirting — not just how to seduce a woman, but how to attract their attention and how to flirt with women.

It is said that women are not expected to be the ones who make the first move in the conquest, but many times they like to take the initiative. Believe us, they also know how to attract men… Anyway, if you want to seduce a woman, there are many weapons available to use that can help you attracting women. Feel the power and learn how to woo a woman.

How to seduce a woman — 6 steps you must follow

How to seduce a woman: massage her

Seductive poems are okay, but at Eden Massages we know certainly that there’s nothing like a good massage to turn anyone on. If you do it adequately, we assure that it will have a happy ending. But apart from the massage, you need to effort on make it as attractive as possible.

Be provocative, be sensitive and listen to her while you softly caress her skin. Don’t do it just for five minutes. Take it seriously or you better don’t do it. If you really want to woo a woman, try to improve your massage skills and put them on practice — both of you will be surprised!

How to seduce a woman: make out until she takes your clothes off

Normally guys enjoy going faster, and sometimes that’s right — but there are times when women want to take over and start taking all the clothes of her partner off. Go slow, make out with her, touch her until she can’t stand her desire and begins to take all your clothes off. Relax and enjoy!

How to seduce a woman? Be mysterious…

If you meet a girl and you would like to seduce her, we remember you to act slow and carefully. Don’t hurry, let her feel intrigued. The key now is the anticipation and the mystery surrounding you. Instead of telling her a lot about yourself, let her guess who you are.

According to the statistics, there are two kinds of traits that all women like — the high level of self-confidence and the power. But be careful and don’t get wrong, these two don’t mean to be selfish. It’s okay to be proud of yourself, but don’t show off.

So our advices are not to tell her a lot about yourself, not to hurry to reveal your intentions (otherwise you can just put her off if your feelings are stronger than hers), and say things that can help you to stand out from anyone else who want her attention.

How to seduce a woman: use body language

More than a half of human communication is non-verbal. Our bodies have the capability of talking! If you are still wondering how to seduce a woman, one of the best ways is to use a flirtation body language with her.

We recommend you to start slowly. Take her hand and lead her to some place depending on a location. It can be a bar in a restaurant, a sea beach, a roof of some sky-scrapper or her sitting place in a cinema.

Please, don’t cross your arms, even if you have a glass of wine in it. The same holds true about your legs. Don’t use swear words neither — a simple classic language is always better than any slang. And it shows your intellectual side. Try to place your hand on her shoulder, if you feel it is the right time for it.

How to seduce a woman: initiate touch

Once again, remember that when you are starting to initiate things, you must move slowly. Initiate touch by sitting close to her, placing your hand on her knee or shoulder… step by step. Seduction is an art, and it is all about pacing. Don’t go too fast or it can be a turn off.

Something very important about how to seduce a woman is the first kiss. It has to be gentle, not full on making out — she should want more. Try to figure out her kissing style as well. How did she kiss back? That gives you a clue as to what she might enjoy.