As seduction remains a mystery to many, we analyze in more detail the behaviors and techniques for flirting. How to seduce a man and know how to attract the attention of attractive men (the male sex)? Here are some tips.

It’s always been that way. The boys are the ones who normally make the first move in the conquest but… why do they always have to be the ones who take the initiative? When it comes to meeting someone new, there are many weapons that can help you flirt with the guy you like. But really, do you know how to seduce a man; do you know how to conquer a man; do you know how to provoke a man.

how to seduce a man

How to provoke a man?

We are not going to fool ourselves…

There is, among many of us, the conception that the art of seduction continues to correspond exclusively to men, and that women should be ‘courted’…. Enough!

To know how to seduce a guy we can also take the reins of the situation and take advantage of our weapons of seduction to attract the attention of the one for whom we sigh.

No more waiting, it’s time to take the first step. Intense glances, mischievous smiles, well-kept makeup…

Women have a multitude of tricks to know how to seduce a dude and make them melt and fall at our feet.

It seems that men always have to be the first to take this step it is something that they carry innate, but we can also do it!

Why don’t we be the ones who get close to flirting with this guy who has caught our attention having drinks with our friends, at a party, or why not? At work…
Dare and go out and seduce him. As the saying says: “Who doesn’t risk doesn’t win”…

Write down these 9 tips to know how to seduce a man!

How to seduce a man: get to know yourself

If you have finally thought about settling down and start your love life as a couple with that man that you like so much you have to know that perhaps you have to dedicate some of your wonderful time to seduce your boy and finally conquer that man.

It is fundamental that he knows that “you are there” I mean, let him know that “you exist”. Introduce yourself or, if your situation is very obvious, make sure that when you are close to him there is eye contact between you. It is crucial to get into his radar of action no matter how insignificant the encounter may seem. Always remember this maxim: “Rome was not built in a day”.

How to seduce a man: the basis of a relationship

Once the eye contact between the two of you exists, it is time to start building a relationship. Making little jokes is the best way to gain confidence.

To begin to know how to seduce a man, bring up the subject of what your ideal man would be like and define him, help each other to fight against the hard battle of the diet, comment the last play of your boss…

You’ll see how complicity is created between both of you. Another good idea is to go to the movies or watch some comedian movie to find out if you share the same sense of humor.

How to seduce a man: the mystery is your best ally

First off, don’t expose too much about yourself. Men find the mystery in a woman fascinating (and we find the same thing the other way around), as it allows them to imagine thousands of things.

how to seduce a man

Still, don’t know how to seduce a guy? Imagination is the most powerful weapon to know how to seduce a man. In the game of seduction and the curiosity, he feels for you will trigger his subsequent interest in meeting you.


How to seduce a man: stimulates physical contact

It is a psychological reality that human contact makes us feel better and closer to other people and how a weapon to seduce a man is always positive.

  1. When you touch or touch a man discreetly, you will create a bond with him. Take the opportunity to touch him when you talk to him, but subtly.
  2. A touch of hands, a pat on the shoulder, a caress on the arm… Are crucial gestures to know how to seduce a guy.


We do not want to invade your personal space, as many men will feel ‘intimidated’ if they see that we are the ones who take the first step, but physical contact when it comes to knowing how to seduce a man will make your relationship a step higher.

How to seduce a man: boast about yourself

Natural and uncomplicated women make men fall in love. Show him how wonderful you are! To help you know how to seduce a guy, it will help to let him know how interesting and fun your life is, and how comfortable you feel about yourself.

So, relax, don’t pretend, just be yourself.

How to seduce a man: listen to him

Many times it’s better to shut up, listen and make your partner feel that you’re giving him or her your full attention. Find out what he likes to do. What are his dreams, desires, goals… Only by knowing how he thinks and what his motivations are will you create spaces where you can share thoughts, emotions, and experiences with each other.

How to seduce a man: Share hobbies

For your relationship to develop and strengthen it is important that you know if you have common interests. It makes no sense to pretend that you like their hobbies if you don’t really like them. Remain attentive to the smallest detail of your conversations because they can be very helpful to you in getting to know what you like to do.

How to seduce a man: the mirror technique

There is a truth in matters of seduction: we are attracted to that which is similar to us. Therefore, if you imitate certain movements or postures that the man makes when you are talking to him, you will be able to capture his attention.
If you see him touching his hair, do the same thing seconds later. If he takes a certain posture when speaking, then imitate it. Unconsciously, he’ll think you look a lot like him. As always, try to be subtle.

How to seduce a man: the power of a look

how to seduce a man

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Words deceive or coax, but eyes always tell the truth. Your gaze shows your feelings without you being able to avoid it, and it is she who will indicate to that person that you are interested in him.

Look into his eyes. The look seduces. In addition, you will waste security and confidence in yourself if you manage to maintain eye contact.

In the end, with the passage of time, personality is what will make you fall in love with each other.

We hope this post has helped you to know how to seduce a man.

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