Today at Eden Massages Tenerife we are going to tell you everything you need to know about a full body massage for men. In honour of Father’s Day this month, we want to highlight the many benefits, necessities and pleasures that a full body massage therapy can contribute to men in particular.

Benefits of a full body massage for men

Nowadays, as society in general has become more physically active and healthy lifestyle choices are the trending topic of conversation, male locker room talk has become a combination of sports — like the previous football game the night before —, to health topics — like the best juice bar that they discovered last week or sharing referrals for their favourite massages centres in the city.

As they say, these massage centres get them de-stressed after a long day of work, or a hard week, a business flight, or they reduce the pain and discomfort from an over forceful workout with a pain relief massage. How do we know all of this? Well, we know it because that is what our marvellous and loyal male clientele tell us is the reason why they keep coming back and they recommend us to their friends.

They have discovered what we already knew as therapists and what we try to transmit and educate our clients about every time they visit us. That is that a regular therapeutic and erotic massage, apart from being a definite pleasurable experience, is a lifesaver.

This could be applied to anyone in the world, not just men — but today we are going to focus on them as we have said before. Due to we are sticking to the benefits that a full body massage has for men, down below you will find some of the main reasons why you should book our massage services.


Full body massages are great for athletic men

If we have to talk about the benefits that athletic men obtain from a full body massage, studies prove that “from injury prevention to warm up, to cool down, massage therapy can benefit every party of an athlete’s training program. […] A full body massage can improve overall athletic readiness, reduce pain from recovering injuries of tight areas of muscle, promote proper healing of scar tissue all while providing a soothing effect to injured (and non-injured) areas.”


So if you consider yourself an athletic man and you are looking for reducing your muscle pain or reducing your stress, today is your lucky day. We provide you the most efficient and the best solution — a full body massage for men!

Full body massage reduces stress and promotes quality sleep for men

There are lots of studies that have proved men have a greater tendency to store up their stress and worries, while women do it all the way around and they are more likely to share them. That is one of the reasons why we say that a full body massage has a lot of advantages for men.

This tendency to store up their stress and worries can result in sleep disturbances and anxiety surrounding every moment, even the positive ones, in the life of a man. Moments from their daily life, such as spending quality time with his partner or his family after a long day at work. Although it may sound weird, stopping in a massage centre for a good full body massage treatment is exactly what they need to ensure a pleasant evening and a good rest at night!

7 tips to give a sensual full body massage for men

A full body massage is an intimate experience for men and women that have been practiced by young and old for lots of years. Furthermore, it is considered one of the most favourable types of foreplay that couples enjoy before sexual relations.


A sensual and erotic massage gives a relaxing-yet-teasing effect to the receiver. The gentle touch of another person’s hands while massaging your full body is a fantastic way to show a man that you truly care about him. So now it is time to give you some advices in case you want to practice this at home:

Step 1

Prepare the room and make sure that there are no distractions around, such as a phone ringing. Lock the door, turn the lights off and light some candles to create an erotic ambiance. Moreover, you can play romantic or cheeky music in the background.

Step 2

Lay his face down on the bed and make sure that he has removed all his clothing. Cover the lower part of his body with a clean sheet if he requests. You can also remove your clothes if you want.

Step 3

If you feel that he is nervous and you want to help him feel relaxed, we recommend you to move your fingers lightly over his body — and then, use the tips of your fingers to apply slight pressure.

Step 4

It is easier for you and more exciting if you pour a small amount of massage oil into the palm of your hands. Remember to rub your hands together to warm the oil a bit.

Step 5

Now it is time to rub his body with both hands. We recommend you to apply pressure by using your body weight instead of your arm strength. Apply long, deep strokes over the back and neck.

Step 6

Ask him to turn over and lie on his back and continue massaging his body. Focus on his chest, arms and legs. Start to touch gently his genitals as you move down to massage his legs.

Step 7

Massage the inner leg while you alternate between long and short strokes. Then, let things flow naturally


We hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you have learnt a bit more about full body massages for men. If you are interested in our erotic massages, you have any doubt or you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! We will be here to satisfy your needs.