Today in our blog we are going to talk about two of the best known types of massageTantric Massage and Four Hands Massage. However, the vast majority of people still don’t know what it is exactly. At Eden Massage Tenerife, we invite you not only to get all the best quality information, but to live the best tantric massage experience, provided by our professional erotic masseuses and masseurs.

Types of massage: Tantric massage

One of the most famous types of massages is the tantric massage. It doesn’t matter if you are man or a woman, you will experience this type of massage as an extremely sensual body-to-body massage. You have to try it at least once in a lifetime.

That may give you more profound insight into who you really are. It is proven that this type of massage activates your heart and gives you strength, calmness, overview and self-confidence. Furthermore, it shows you how to rise to your full potential in regards of sexuality, love and life.

Why this type of massage?

This type of massage gives you the chance to get into yourself and feel yourself from the inside. You will discover the internal source of your strength and power. Indeed, a great number of people experience that through sensual devotion to the present moment they find their mission in life and they give a more profound meaning to their lives.

According to Tantra, the human being has the potential to become multi-orgasmic — which means to be able to have multiple orgasms without losing energy through ejaculation. Nevertheless, society teaches that ejaculation is the goal and the key of sex.

But in fact, a man misses out a huge part of his potential to live as a powerful and potent man if he ejaculates. For that reason, we want to teach men to dominate their sexual energy in such a way that they can use it to fuel all their qualities. They will gradually learn how to become multi-orgasmic and experience orgasm in their whole body, so they will also reach their potential as wonderful lovers.

Tantric massage can help you understand and control your sexual energy so that you can feel secure and full of self-confidence in your erotic, love and even work life — and what’s more, even in relation to yourself. This type of massage also alleviates challenges like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Tantric massage gives you the chance to feel yourself as you really are instead of having to perform or act, because this experience is aligned with your deepest truth. This type of massage comes with no expectations or feelings of inferiority. The only thing you have to do is to sense and live the moment. If a man learns to dominate his own energy, he will also experience new dimensions of himself and a more spiritual understanding of his own masculine core.

How can I get benefit from this type of massage?

The loving and caring attitude that embraces this type of massage session gives you a total mental peace. Tantric massage is an exclusive opportunity to eliminate the idea of roles that society has established.

It is a unique opportunity for you to take a little break from your ideals, your family role and work identity. Moreover, it is an opportunity to put those things of your life aside and catch the moment.

Give yourself the chance to experience pure being sensation and inner peace in such a way that renews and invigorates your life from the inside. This will allow you to keep on going with your day by day life, doing it with clarity, power and love.

This type of massage will make you feel waves of energy transcending your entire body and mind. Furthermore, you may experience how this energy awakes, heals, and lifts you up while you feel an intense pleasure and joy too.

Give yourself the chance to experience how tantric massage helps you letting go the excessive goal-orientation. This will help you to focus on seizing the moment and gradually learn to dominate your sexual energy without restraining it.

This way, you will also become multi-orgasmic over time, and your entire body will experience the same orgasmic intensity as the sexual organs. This type of massage provides you so much more self-confident.



Types of Massage: Four-Hand Massage

This type of massage therapy offers you not one, but two therapists who will coordinate their movements to bring you the maximum pleasure and relaxation. In a four-hand massage, the two masseurs work on one client, as we have said, normally using synchronized moves.

This type of massage feels like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Our private massage therapists will use your body as a canvas onto where they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying pressures and paces.

There is a wide variety of styles of four-hand massage. This is generally more expensive than other types of massage in general, but this is due to two therapists must be compensated for their time and skills. Nevertheless, you will also get the double of pleasure.

Why this type of massage?

When the two massage therapists and their four hands are touching your body, your mind reacts in a different way. At the beginning, you will probably find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists — where they are, what are they doing —, trying to keep a logical order in your head.

However, in a few minutes your brain will comprehend that it can’t control the situation, so it gives up control. This is a powerful massage treatment for those people who have a hard time letting go during treatments.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post about some of our types of massages and all you need to know about them. Moreover, if you have any doubt or you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be pleased to help you!