The world of massage offers a wide variety of erotic massages.

If you are looking for a massage parlor to relax for a while, you can choose the Lingam and Yoni massage. The first massage is for gentlemen and the second one for ladies.

If you have never heard about these massages and you’re curious, please, learn more about these divine massages in our post today.

What are a Lingam and Yoni massage

Lingam massage or penis massage: is an exciting massage for male pleasure. It uses massage techniques that meant to relax the body and stimulate the penis area. It is a unique and very erotic massage that is performed by specialized masseurs. If you experience this massage for sure you will have a brutal climax at the end of it.

lingam-and-yoniThis massage is not a body to body massage but it is completely given by the skilled hands of the masseuse.

It is a massage with an inevitable happy ending that will be extra intensive by the built-up tension during the massage.

Yoni massage: is the tantric massage modality that focuses specifically on the woman’s body.

It is an erotic dye massage that focuses especially on the female genital organs known as Yoni and seeks to achieve personal growth through pleasure.

During this massage you rediscover your own body. The tantric massage shows you spots you’ve never discovered or has been long forgotten: the masseuse makes you feel things you never felt before.

Lingam and Yoni massage: Meaning & History

Lingam” is understood as “Shiva-Lingam” or “the luminous pole“, “the creative principle” and is seen as a symbol of Shiva’s nature that is without beginning and end.

The word “Yoni” comes from Sanskrit and is the term for the female genitals. The male counterpart is called “Lingam”. “Yoni” can be translated into “the Holy Temple,” “Source,” “Divine Way,” “Creation.”

In ancient Tantric texts, Yonien Shakti and Devi represent the creative principle that penetrates the entire universe. The two symbols together represent the eternal process of creation and regeneration, the union of the male and female principles, and the totality of all existence.

Most religions connect sex, sexuality and feel like shame and guilt. The reason for this seems obvious. If you can put a man in guilt, you will have the power over it. A person who lives fully in his desire and experiences himself as completely sexually satisfied will not be able to be ruled by any authority. Yoni and Liam are too many people associated with both shame and guilt – camouflaged as scornfulness or feeling of something “forbidden” or even “unclean”.


Linga means sign; the sign that allows us to know the ultimate nature of things. The lingam is the most common symbol of India, accepted by the Tantrics of the Right Way or the Left Way. It is usually associated with the male sexual organ and Shiva is represented by it.

For Tantra, the lingam is the set formed by the male organ set in the female sex (known as yoni) and not just the phallus.

The lingam cult in India goes back to prehistory, to the ancient sexual rites of fecundity, to the cult of the Great Goddess. This pre-Aryan cult still conserves its original fervor today.

The lingam is usually made of stone (except those made of clay which is thrown into the Ganges) and black because the Dravids, who originally practiced this cult, were dark-skinned.

Lingam Worship Ceremony

During the lingam worship ceremony, the officiant caresses a polished stone lingam, adorns it with garlands and traces ritual and symbolic signs with it. During it, all the participants sing in chorus, throw flowers and petals over the lingam, which is almost covered.

When the moment of ecstasy arrives, the officiant pours over the lingam a viscous white liquid, made of milk and honey that runs slowly through the stone and spills into the arghya. It is then distributed among the participants so that they can drink it. Just then, Shiva is present in the lingam.

In this sense, the origin of the Universe is considered to come from the union of the lingam, the male organ, and the yoni, the female organ, and is associated with divinity.


Yonilingam refers to the representation of divinity in human beings. This is manifested in thought but also in the capacity to generate life.

With the union of both, one arrives at the pleasure that is understood by tantric as a spiritual experience.

Furthermore, Yonilingam reflects the division of two principles:

  • The masculine principle relates to consciousness, thought and is passive.
  • The feminine principle is given with matter, force, and energy and is dynamic.

During the union of Yonilingam, for Tantra, ejaculation is the procreative moment per excellence as the feminine energy takes hold of its companion to awaken a new life.

The orgasm in the Lingam and Yoni massage

Female orgasm VS Male orgasm

When an erotic masseuse provides a lingam massage to a client, she expects to end the stimulation of the erotic massage with an orgasm and a male ejaculation, for which she will perform a massage on the man’s penis, stimulating the genitals and, if needed, the anus. After the man has ejaculated, his body enters into a refractory state, which means that he is incapable of reaching a second orgasm or ejaculating again for a while.


On the other hand, the woman can achieve all the orgasms she wishes for, provided that she has been properly aroused, and that the woman has no prejudices or hurry in coming. In the erotic yoni massage, the masseuse will stimulate the clitoris and G-spot with her expert hands.

Many women reach the orgasm through the stimulating of their clitoris, while others prefer penetration. Whatever the method, the woman can achieve various consecutive orgasms, thanks to the yoni massage.

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