Today we’re going to tell how to stimulate a woman, how to please your girlfriend, your wife or whoever she is. So, if you’re a girl do not expect reading a post-learning how to stimulate a man, because this is the moment to talk about the different ways to pleasure a woman.

Talking about sex and what happens under the sheets, men and women often have different opinions: from how many times a week are enough, to what is the best posture or the preferred time to make love.

How to please a woman? The key is to know that women have a very strong physical link with sexuality, but they do not live sex in the same way as men do. Studies have shown that the women pleasure and patterns of activity in the brain are different in both sexes.

There is much talk of a male sexual response to visual stimulation. For women, however, sexual intercourse does not begin with sexual excitement, but with the desire to maintain growing emotional intimacy. The area of the sensory cortex and the limbic area linked to the emotions play an important role in the moment of the sexual encounter.

Trying to understand and get to know the couple is an important and transcendental task.

Here we talk about the main ways to pleasure a woman and how to stimulate a woman sexually.

How to stimulate a woman: The caresses


Touch is the cornerstone of human sexuality shared with another. It is an end in itself, a primary form of communication. Female sexual desire and arousal arise as a consequence of a complex integration of sensory stimuli.

The caresses in different parts of the body make in the woman special sensations. The whole surface of the body is a sensory organ, and caressing any part with tenderness and delicacy can improve intimacy and sexual excitement.

Without a doubt, the caresses are one of the best manual stimulation as finger stimulation it is. The result of this would be in terms of sex the meaning of how to make a woman climax or how to make a woman orgasm.

There is no rush

Men are known to love the immediacy of their wife’s excitement and seduction in bed. Watch out! How to please a woman in bed? Women enjoy time in intimacy. Take her along a path of hugs, caresses, and kisses that will finally lead her to receive a penetration.

Female brain

A woman’s brain has evolved to be able to perform several tasks simultaneously, which means they can’t go from 0 to 100 in just one minute. Sometimes it is difficult to disconnect from children, household chores and work to focus on the moment. That’s why men should focus a lot on the sexual preamble: talk, caresses, kisses, oral sex will get the woman to let go and live the moment.

How to stimulate a woman: Love Hormone

The production of oxytocin in the couple is stimulated when there is an intimate contact from a hug, a look, and a sexual encounter.

One of the benefits in the woman is that it helps to the happiness, to the desire and to be able to reach an orgasm.

The production of oxytocin in sexual encounters strengthens a woman’s bond with her partner. That is why when she finishes making love, she seeks to curl up with her partner.

The Smell

What is the relationship between a couple’s odor and sexual attraction? Women have a more developed sense of smell than men, probably due to the level of estrogens.

Studies from Brown University, 2011 rated a man’s essence as the most important trait in determining whether a woman was sexually interested in him.

So a sure way to increase a couple’s desire is to know that the cologne and deodorant you use is complete to their liking.

How to stimulate a woman: Positive attitude

Showing positive reinforcements to the couple (I love you, how beautiful you are, I want you, you excite me) always help to increase the sexual openness in the woman.

Being in an accepting environment will automatically make her feel happy, satisfied and relaxed which will lead to greater sexual excitement and satisfaction and it will be the best way to pleasure a woman.

Time to have sex

It’s true that the subject of sex schedules can become a dispute when there are differences in the couple. Phrases like: In the morning I have the sheets stuck together!



The only thing I want to do at night is to sleep!

Although it may sound a little absurd, many breakdowns occur because they don’t fit into schedules, which leads them to have few sexual encounters.

Every couple is different so it doesn’t have to be always like that. Cause good sex is about spontaneity, not putting it in the diary. Basically, it depends on the relationship with your partner.

Open and honest communication helps to unite. At what time of day does your partner prefer to make love? How often? Also, let them know what time of day you prefer and how often you like it. Most differences can be resolved with agreements and concessions.

How to stimulate a woman: Courtship

For a woman the fact of getting excited is not everything or an end in itself, so men should invest time in conquering their partner every day. Fostering a daily space to have a verbal intimacy: How was your day? How do you feel, opens the way to the emotional area and therefore sexual? That’s the key for female stimulation.

The reality is that today communication is linked to a keyboard and intimacy and direct eye contact have been lost.

The big barrier

Feelings towards the partner are a great influence for sexual desire to exist. Anger has been shown to be the major neutralizer of female psychological arousal. Many women cannot make love with their partner because they feel angry with them.

Seek communication and rapprochement with the partner!


How to stimulate a woman: Empathy

The woman by nature will seek and want to feel understood and understood by her partner. However, many times she will run into interrupted conversations, distractions with the cell phone and issues away from feelings.

Starting to connect with your partner with non-verbal language: gestures, posture, facial expression and small words of understanding will unite you completely to your girl.

If you usually hear phrases: You never understand me! or You don’t care what I say! it’s time to approach her and ask her to teach you how to understand her.

Empathy is the anteroom to an amazing sexual connection.

After reading our post about how to stimulate a woman you won’t have to ask yourself how to pleasure a girl anymore. You can please her by following our list, step by step. If you still have any doubt do not hesitate to contact our team.