Tantric Massage

Ready for an unforgettable and unique experience?

Designed to reduce stress and anxiety

Increasing sensitivity and relaxation through deep, enveloping movements.

Reduce your stress through the most spiritual form of pleasure: Tantric Massage

Discover a side of sexuality you didn’t know about: tantric massage is not only pleasure and eroticism, it is also disconnection, stress elimination and spirituality.

But… what exactly is a tantric massage?

Tantra is a branch of yoga that seeks to expand pleasure and sexual energy throughout the nervous system, to harmonise the chakras and purify the body’s energy.

Tantric massage seeks to release all tensions and goes far beyond the experience of physical pleasure: it is exciting because it awakens all your senses.

In case all this talk of chakras sounds like Greek to you: it is a very pleasurable massage, yes, but also a very spiritual one.

The aim of tantric massage is not pleasure (although it is extremely pleasurable), but it is a key to knowing oneself better and living in a more harmonious and conscious way.


What benefits do you get from tantric massage?


A state of well-being, peace and relaxation


Increased ability to concentrate


Better breathing control


A special connection with the masseuse


Eliminate stress thanks to tantric massage


A pleasure different from other erotic massages

Achieve a state of full consciousness through tantric massage.  

It is not necessary to have practised tantra.

Do you have any questions about tantric massages?

Is it necessary to have previous experience in yoga or tantra?

It is not necessary. Tantric massage has a more spiritual side than other erotic massages, but that doesn’t mean you need to know anything about tantra or yoga. All you need is an open mind, so that your body experiences pleasure through sensuality.

Does tantric massage have a happy ending?

Yes, our tantric massages have a happy ending if you wish. However, in tantric massages it is not so important to reach orgasm, but much value is given to the whole erotic and sensual process that precedes the climax.

Do I have to book an appointment for a tantric massage?

Yes, as for all our erotic massages, it is preferable to schedule your time of pleasure, to be able to attend you as you deserve, as well as to prepare the space, so important in tantra.

Can tantric massages be personalised?

Of course. In Eden Massage Tenerife we have a wide range of erotic massages, but we can make changes and adapt the massages to your tastes and needs. We know that not everyone perceives pleasure in the same way. Just ask us and ask us what you want, we will prepare it for you.

Do I need to prepare for a tantric massage?

The only thing you need to receive a tantric massage is to bring the desire to receive the pleasure that tantra brings. In our massage centre we have massage oils, essential oils, teas, coffees, towels, showers, cool drinks and everything you may need. We recommend not to use perfumes or moisturizers before the massage.

Is sexual abstinence necessary before tantric massage?

It is not really necessary, but it is true that the massage process is usually much more enjoyable if there has been no orgasm in the last 24 hours.

Can I interact and touch the masseuse in a tantric massage?

In all massages you are allowed to interact with the masseuse, but in the case of tantric massage, we recommend not to do so and just let yourself be carried away by the masseuse’s indications and caresses. The spirituality of tantric massage implies abandoning oneself to pleasure and not thinking about anything, not even about giving pleasure to another person. But if in your case, in this deep disconnection, you feel the need to touch the masseuse, you can do it.

Designed to reduce stress and anxiety

Increasing sensitivity and relaxation through deep, enveloping movements.

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