Couples Massage

Couples Massage (Receiver or Interactive)

A treatment that will help you improve your relationship with your partner and will take you to a world of sensations that you will never forget. 

Get to know your body intimately and that of your partner with a massage that will not leave you indifferent. Whatever session you choose to receive, you’ll have half an hour alone to enjoy your privacy. 

The couples massage can be performed with one masseuse or one masseur, two of our female masseuses, with a female and a male masseur, with two male masseurs.


Price with one masseuse or one masseur:


Tantra (Receiver): 150€                                                    

Mutual Body Body  (Interactive): 200€                                            

Eden Special (Interactive): 250€


Price with two masseuses, one masseuse and one masseur or two masseurs:

Tantra (Receiver): 200€

Body Body (Interactive): 250€

Eden Special (Interactive): 300€